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It goes without saying your organization needs high-quality equipment delivered on-time – and PP&S has you covered. But because today’s manufacturing environment demands more from you, a partner who can solve more than logistical problems is a real asset. PP&S is that partner.

PP&S brings over 300 years combined technical and applications experience to your industrial processing challenge. In addition to ongoing training, most PP&S associates have accrued over 20 years hands-on expertise from the OEM, manufacturing and supply chain sides of the business. So we’re uniquely qualified to anticipate issues, troubleshoot problems and partner in achieving your immediate and long-term goals.

In addition to your PP&S account manager, you'll be working with a dedicated team of customer care, engineering and maintenance specialists assembled to bring the best talent to your industrial application. From equipment selection, to cost and operation efficiencies, to planning a plant expansion, we’ll provide the optimal resources to assure you accomplish your goals. See our Solutions Case Studies for just a few examples of how PP&S can partner in your success.


Flowserve is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal, positive displacement and  specialty pumps and systems. Heritage Brands: Durco, Worthington, Ingersoll Rand, Dresser, Byron Jackson, Lawrence, Pacific and Wilson Snyder AL CAs VA


INNOMAG is a manufacturer of zero emissions, sealless, non-metallic mag-drive pumps, including a full line of accessories. Now a Flowserve Heritage brand. AL CAs VA


Crane is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal and submersible pumps & pumping systems. Heritage Brands: Barnes, Burks, Crown, Enpo, Prosser & Weinman. AL CAs GA


Gusher manufactures centrifugal pumps, including close-coupled, end suction, immersed, self-priming, vortex, sludge, multi-stage, full cantilever, plus a full range of diaphragm, positive displacement and turbine pumps. Heritage Brands: Ruthman, Brown & Sharpe, Nagle, FulFlo Valves, PFE Pumpen. AL CAs GA VA

Trillium Flow Technologies

Trillium Flow Technologies manufactures pitot-tube high pressure, recessed impeller, screw centrifugal and prerotation basin pump lines, and self-priming, non-clog, food transfer pumps. Heritage Brands: Roto-Jet, WEMCO, WSP Self-Primer. VA


Tuthill is a veteran manufacturer of internal and external gear positive displacement pumps. CAs GA VA

Edwards Vacuum Pumps

Edwards is an industrial vacuum pump and systems manufacturer, producing a full range of dry, vapor and oil sealed rotary pumps. AL GA


Allweiler has been producing an extensive range of pump types since 1860, including centrifugal, propeller, screw spindle and progressive cavity pumps, as well as complete pump systems.  AL GA


Republic Manufacturing specializes in engineering air knife systems, centrifugal and regenerative blowers, vacuum pumps and compressors, and customized packages. CAs VA

Vanton Pumps

Vanton specializes in the design and manufacture of thermoplastic pumps, including vertical, horizontal and peristaltic. CAs VA

Waukesha Cherry-Burrell

Now an SPX brand, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell manufactures positive displacement lobe pumps. AL


Bran+Luebbe – a SPX brand – manufactures metering pumps, process pumps, process systems, chemical injection systems and analyzers. VA


Circor is a leading manufacturer of positive displacement and centrifugal pumping equipment. Heritage Brands: Allweiler, IMO, Lubrication Systems Company, Warren and Zenith. AL


SIHI is a manufacturer of pumps, compressors and package systems for liquid and gas applications. Now a Flowserve heritage brand. CAs VA

Ingersoll Rand | Hibon

Ingersoll Rand | Hibon specializes in air blowers, including rotary lobe and centrifugal, and air compressors. CAs GA VA


Hydro-Thermal is a leading manufacturer of steam-injection hydro-heaters. CAs GA

Hayward Gordon

Sharpe Mixers, now a Hayward Gordon company, manufactures a wide range of industrial top entry, side entry + portable mixers. The Hayward Gordon Group also manufactures Hayward Gordon mixers and pumps, as well as Scott Turbon high shear batch mixers, inline mixers and mixing systems. CAs VA

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