packaged skid systems: custom engineered + built

With tighter schedules and budgets, organizations are increasingly opting for the cost-effectiveness and reliability of pre-designed, configured and tested skid systems. At PP&S, our engineering services team has over 400 years combined experience in mechanical/electrical design and systems integration for a broad range of process applications and manufacturing environments. And we put that know-how to work in assuring your custom packaged skid system is expertly designed, fabricated and tested to perform seamlessly once it arrives at your facility.

In addition to offering standard packages available from stock, PP&S engineering services team will consult with you to:
  1. Formulate design parameters based on your specific needs
  2. Design your custom package to fit your applications and environment
  3. Custom build to these specific requirements

Benefits of a PP&S packaged system:
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified quality
  • Single source accountability eliminates hassles/problems
  • Equipment footprint optimized for your production facility
  • Configured with component types and brands that work best together for maximum reliability and longevity
  • Designed with optimal access for easy maintenance
  • Final “As Built” drawings & operating procedures provided
  • Easy to install with minimal connections to be made in the field
  • Cost effective / value

Our standardized and custom package systems capabilities include:

Blower Packages
Pump Packages
Vacuum Packages
Chemical Feed Systems
Perma-Trac Pumping Stations
Dosing Systems
Booster Package Systems
Fuel Oil Transfer Packages
Filtration Packages
Polymer Feed Systems
Disinfection Package Systems
Chlorination Package Systems

Getting started:

Call PP&S to discuss your unique application, footprint and budget requirements. We'll demonstrate how contracting a custom or pre-fab packaged skid system will save you time, money and hassles:

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