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Our packaged systems team can build a custom skid to your design specifications, or recommend a configuration to best suit your unique application needs. These are just a few of the systems our team has engineered for demanding customer applications. Click on the images below to view more detailed information about each solution:

Improve Fill Time
Engineered a pump system to
cut filling time by 2/3 at 1Torr
while pumping from the
running vacuum dryer.

Repeat Performance
​Five pump and tank systems
designed to meet strict
time and pressure specs.

Meet Productivity

Engineered pump and tank
system meets strict criteria
for filling and pressurizing
bladders on rubber belt
vulcanizing presses.

Boosting Water Pressure
​Systems designed and supplied
complete with flow straightening ​
solution, drawings and
installation instructions.

Supply System

A cost effective solution that
replaces chlorine gas with
liquid supply system.

Dual ​Blower Systems
Skid system built to spec for a nuclear power plant.

Dust Suppression
Designed to supply low
volume high pressure water
at conveyor discharge to
prevent dust escape.

Wastewater Treatment

​150 hP blower package systems
for water treatment ​facility
provided reliable means to
speed up aeration.

Tempered Water
Skid System

System designed to streamline chilled water system use and prevent condensation from damaging fabricated parts.


Design/Build for Blower
Packaged System

Comparable to a factory-
manufactured system, but with
increased customization and a full-service warranty.

Treatment Solution

Triplex and quad-metering
systems designed for
processing methanol and
sodium hypochlorite

​High Pressure
Seal Flushing

​Duplex pump system that
provides 2 gpm of water at
200 psig for flushing
mechanical seals.

noncorrosive baseplate
Super-duty to
Improve Reliability

Fabricated in carbon steel
or 316 SS and pre-grouted
with epoxy to replace
corroding base plates.

Dust Control
​Two vacuum blower systems designed to collect particulate in
​turbine blade manufacturing.

High Capacity
High Powered

Designed with 320 Hp and
fuel for 12 hours continuous
operation for on-site
equipment cleaning.

Ultra Narrow Duplex
Pump Skid

​Pump and a spare designed to fit
within a 2 ft wide space, and
pump cooling water to the top
of a 50 ft furnace.

Custom Filter Skid for
Post Process Washing

Quick turnaround for a multi-
sprinkler head pumping system
designed to wash auto bodies
after fabrication.

Mine Dewatering System
Portable electric pumping system that can pump water up from 400 ft below ground, without introducing hazardous diesel fumes underground.

Noise Reduction
​Designed a solution for package
stands that also guaranteed a
maximum noise requirement.

Clean-in-Place Solution

Process, time and cost efficiencies gained by integrating rapid-heated water cleaning right in place.


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Be sure to visit our capabilities page, then call PP&S to discuss your unique application, footprint and budget requirements. We'll demonstrate how contracting a custom or pre-fab packaged skid system will save you time, money and hassles.

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