we put the 'care' back in customer care.

In recent years, customer service has gotten such a bad rap... time-wasting holds, endless navigation through automated systems, reiterating your situation as you’re passed from one rep to the next. Only to wind up dissatisfied by the time the whole ordeal is through.

At PP&S, we deliver a different experience. Our Customer Care associates are anything but order-takers and policy wielders. They’re true professionals who are well-versed in your needs, empowered to act and vested in your success. Because they complete ongoing technical training, the PP&S Care team will competently assess your equipment and application needs to advise your best solution, and recommend repair versus purchase to balance cost with reliability.

Customer Care also works closely with your Key Account Manager and the engineering and repair teams to assure that all aspects of your order are coordinated, troubleshot and expedited. Through our CRM system, all members of your team are apprised of exactly what you need and where we are in the process of fulfilling that need. Leveraging this team approach with PP&S' multiple service and inventory hub capabilities, Customer Care mobilizes an incredibly fast, accurate and thorough response to your needs – first time, every time.

Since 1999, our Customer Care associates have championed our ISO certification process, setting a high bar for process and service standards – consistently delivering the quickest response rate and highest accuracy you’ll find on inquiries, quotations, orders and repairs. Their contribution to service delivery is integral to the trust we’ve earned and maintained with all our valued customers.

The PP&S Customer Care team welcomes your inquiries by phone or email. Contact us soon – we’re at your service:

PP&S Customer Care



For repairs, call Customer Care or email your regional team directly:

Reliability Center and Field Repairs
in AL, GA and the FL panhandle

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Reliability Center and Field Repairs
in the CAs and VA

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After Hours Emergency Service


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Service Spotlight:

“This is what separates you guys from your competitors. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for a curve from them, you produced it in one hour! You have my business whenever I can give it to you.”

– A PP&S customer, after our applications engineers responded to their immediate need for technical specs – after several requests made to their supplier were left unanswered.