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“Hope is Not a Strategy”
While often used to describe the marketing function, we believe this quote from Rick Page, former EVP of Dun & Bradstreet Software, more importantly applies to your customer experience. Too often, we’re forced to make business decisions based on intangible benefits and promises, then keep our fingers crossed hoping these promises are upheld. This uncertainty can compromise even the best-laid strategy, and is no way to dependably run a business. With your business commitments, production quotas and reputation at stake, PP&S offers a better solution.


ISO 9001 Certification
While increasingly required of suppliers by many companies, our ISO-certified Quality Management System brings immense benefits to ALL our customers. It converts the otherwise intangible factors of your purchase decision into quantifiable, tangible evidence that’s rigorously reviewed by a quality authority as part of our annual certification. And we’ve been ISO-certified since 1999. So when we say that “quality” is the cornerstone of the PP&S brand – from supplying only the most reliable and trusted products, to consistently delivering responsive and reliable service – you can trust the integrity of that claim as part of your decision to partner with us.

This assurance of integrity extends from the purchase decision through all aspects of your service experience with PP&S. With customer satisfaction as the key goal of our Quality Management System, your input is a critical component of our evaluation process. Not only does our certification process assure a voice for your concerns, it guarantees any issues are corrected to your satisfaction, then prompts a full evaluation of the process from which it arose to eliminate this issue from our service delivery. And it doesn’t take a customer problem to motivate service improvement – we continuously and rigorously review and align our processes and systems to assure we’re providing superior value and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

How does the PP&S Quality process work?
Our ISO 9001 Quality Management System uses a metrics-based approach to achieving continuous improvement in everything we do. Customer dialogue and feedback is a critical component of our evaluation process, which includes regular reports summarizing performance ratings, providing process improvement and organization alignment insights and opportunities.

Our QMS framework incorporates key decision points and accountabilities for every phase of our service life cycle. We measure factors such as product quality and availability, on-time quotes and shipments, process effectiveness and customer satisfaction. Our ISO certification means that we’re in fact achieving up to 98% metrics in all areas of product and service delivery, and most importantly, the satisfaction our customers deserve.

ISN Certification
PP&S is now 100% certified in ISN® and listed as a fully compliant member resource on ISN maintains safety, procurement, quality and regulatory information on contractors and suppliers, which streamlines the vetting process for customer companies with specific quality requirements, saving them time and improving contract project success. ISN collects information on our management and quality systems; health, safety and sustainability programs; injury and Worker’s Comp records; insurance coverage; audits; and customer-specific requirements.

We have several customers who require this certification of all suppliers they use. Companies want to hire good, safe and responsible contractors and an ISN-compliant contractor with a high contractor grade is certified assurance that the contractor reflects those qualities. PP&S credentials are listed on ISNetworld for easy access by your compliance team.

Lean Six Sigma 6S Implementation
We've implemented a 6S program at our Carolinas and Alabama Reliability Centers. Six Sigma 6S is a lean manufacturing process improvement method that is “owned” and implemented by people within their specific work areas. Based on Japanese kaizen principles for continuous improvement, 6S models a six-stage process for creating and maintaining an organized, clean, and high performance workplace. In addition to ensuring a safer work environment, our 6S program promotes higher quality, lower costs, greater customer satisfaction.

Certified Trust
At PP&S, we take the trust you place in us very seriously. Our quality management processes demonstrate our level of commitment to maintaining that trust through responsiveness, reliability and consistency in every aspect of our business relationship. If your company employs another quality system or criteria, we can also customize quality metrics and reporting to align with your specific standards.

Contact us – we welcome the opportunity to discuss our ISO process with you, and to demonstrate the value we can achieve for your firm.

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