:  Improve reliability and equipment life.

Process Need
:  Develop a heavy-duty base that would provide improved reliability while lasting better than any previously used cast-iron bases.

:  PP&S custom designed a series of “super duty” bases built in 316 stainless steel, pre-grouted with ​PP&S epoxy grout. T​hese units ​feature top mounting surfaces machined to be flat and parallel within 0.002” per foot. ​To fulfill expanded applications, PP&S also began building these bases in carbon steel as well as the 316 SS.

:  Because of their success in improving reliability as well as longevity, PP&S has been supplying this customer for over 10 years. These bases are also now offered as part of our Reliability program.

7-CustomBase4Pump-440 7-LargeBaseplate4ANSI-440