TLC solutions: reducing the cost of success

In today’s increasingly ‘lean’ environments, it’s tempting to just cut the cost of acquiring equipment and services to achieve immediate bottom line results. But what works for today’s budget may have little impact over time on the real goals of lean initiatives – reducing overall costs of operation to achieve profitability.

At PP&S, our dedication to resolving your most pressing challenges and achieving your long-term goals is the difference between choosing an equipment supplier and adding a true business partner. PP&S has over 20 years expertise in developing custom programs that maximize capital assets and increase process efficiencies. By further leveraging the strength of our regional assets and capabilities, we can achieve the total lowest cost of ownership for our clients’ equipment investment. We call this combination of core capabilities, cost savings and commitment to your success “PP&S TLC solutions”.

We’ve structured TLC solution sets around your business’s functional areas to target and resolve challenges that are unique to your role. From procurement, stockroom and maintenance, to plant operations and capital projects, PP&S will deliver a targeted solution to save time, reduce costs, increase productivity – and make your job easier in the process.

At PP&S, we don’t promise value, then leave you to prove it. We’ll show you the TLC savings you can expect to achieve up front, and partner with you to provide periodic analytics to demonstrate your return on investment, as well as custom metrics to assure specific objectives are being met. Our 17-year ISO certification and cleanroom capabilities not only assure you of our commitment to the highest integrity of service, they're also proof that at PP&S, we don’t just hype process improvement, we live it – and document it – everyday.

To learn more about the TLC solutions that support your specific challenge, visit our Targeted TLC Solutions page, or call PP&S at 800-247-4786 to speak with one of our experts.


how do you define value?

PP&S custom solutions

The definition of “value” can vary not only by organization – it can mean something entirely different depending on your role in the organization. At PP&S, we go beyond “cost” in delivering value – we listen to the specific challenges you need to solve in your role, the goals you're trying to achieve, then partner in a custom solution to ensure your success.

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