targeted TLC Solutions to resolve your challenge.

No matter how simple or complex your challenge, PP&S has the expertise, resources and infrastructure to respond with an ideal solution. For our full range of services organized by functional area, scroll down to our Solutions matrix.

PP&S offers a broad range of data transfer, sourcing and support services designed to streamline ordering and administrative processes. We'll even tailor a vendor consolidation or partner pricing program to reduce your acquisition costs.

In addition to efficiency solutions such as product barcoding, PP&S can customize a parts management program or create a vendor managed inventory solution to maximize supply while reducing space and cost requirements.

PP&S prioritizes response to your repair challenge with regional certified repair centers, field or after hours emergency services. Our comprehensive reliability solutions maximize uptime and increase equipment longevity – reducing waste and costs.

Systems Operation
Systems optimization is key to efficient and profitable operations. PP&S partners with you in performing systems, life cycle costs analysis – and more. Then we'll customize a program to improve system productivity and reduce operation costs.

Capital projects
When you team with PP&S earlier in the planning process, we can recommend up-front procurement, inventory and operations solutions that assure the highest return on your investment – in productivity, and short and long-term costs.

Risk Management
Predictability is essential to managing organizational risk. PP&S TLC partnerships combine enduring reliability, efficient assets management, and partner pricing with the knowledge equity gained through ongoing collaboration.


the bottom line on TLC


Achieve cost reductions, increased efficiencies and improved performance, all translating into greater return on your equipment investment.

Time. Increase equipment longevity and production line uptime, while reducing the time you and your team spend tinkering, troubleshooting and waiting for replacements.

The quality of your work experience can be just as important as performance to job success and satisfaction. TLC Solutions make it easier to manage responsibilities and meet or exceed expectations, with less stress in the process.

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